share; tweet; pin; You’ve decided to take the inburgeringsexamen (civic integration exam) and you’ve started looking to prepare. Preparation Dutch Civic Integration Exam (inburgeringsexamen) Immigrants who come from outside the European Union are required to complete the civic integration exam (inburgeringsexamen), Staatsexamen NT2 Programma I or II (state examinations) within 3 years. Actors, target group and … Heel goed gedaan! To become a Dutch citizen via naturalisation, you must also obtain the civic integration … Civic Integration Exam (A2) Start learning to understand short and clear instructions and messages in your all day life, and to express in basic Dutch e.g. A Dutch diploma or certificate of a university, professional or vocational education (hbo, mbo level 2 or higher) or secondary education (vwo/havo/mavo/vmbo). Civic Integration Exam (Inburgeringsexamen) for Expats Most immigrants to the Netherlands from outside the EU have to pass the Inburgeringsexamen (Civic Integration Exam) in order to get a Dutch resident permit or to apply for Dutch citizenship. Skip to content. Some people can’t take the exam. You can also call the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Scroll to top. Types of Civic Integration. E-learning as online courses in virtual classrooms as well as classroom-based Dutch lessons in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Before taking the test, the applicant must register himself/ herself and pay a fee of EURO 150. They are free to use and you can repeat them as often as you wish. Preparation for Dutch State exam; Useful links; Contact; Nederlands English; Dutch civic integration courses. The Diploma State Exams Nt2 is officially recognized by the government. Maybe there are Dutch classes in your neighbourhood, or perhaps you like to study by yourself. The fifth exam is on Dutch identity and society and the ONA is the sixth exam. The test consists of two parts. For passing your MVV exam in only one take. Liechtenstein 3. The State Exams Dutch as a Second Language (Nt2: Nederlands als tweede taal ) are the national language proficiency exams for non-native adult speakers, who want to study or work in the Netherlands. This means that you have to find out yourself what you exactly need to learn. For the Dutch Integration Exam in the Netherlands, a minimal level of A2 is This is referred to as inburgering (civic integration). An internet connection (Chrome or Firefox work best, Internet Explorer sometimes causes problems). thoughts and questions concerning your personal life, interests and experiences.The training is focused on reaching A2-levels of speaking, listening, reading and writing Dutch according to objectives of the reference framework for languages of the European Union. Apart from admiring the tulips in the spring and feeling the breeze on a sunny day while biking through the narrow streets of Amsterdam, we all need to wake up from the dream sometime. Please note that it is also possible to take a Staatsexamen NT2 in either Programma I or Programma II instead. More information about the procedure is available on the website of the Agency for Integration and Civic Integration (Dutch only). Which test are you taking at the Huis van het Nederlands? For the Dutch Integration Exam in the Netherlands, a minimal level of A2 is The English test will take approximately 30 minutes. Migrants who have been in the Netherlands for longer can also take the writing and reading sections at an A1 level. --- Geslaagde cursiste Nederlands inburgeringsexamen Manilla (MVV) GEFELICITEERD, JOAN! In this case, you must also take the Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market exam. On this page you will find sample exams for the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. The test exam is shorter than the real exam at the embassy, but it gives one the idea of what the real exam looks like. Related Partners. The courses take place online via Zoom or Skype. So it does not mean that when you have the Diploma State Exam Nt2, you will automatically be permitted. These give you the chance to practice before the real exam. Types of inburgeringsexamen ( civic integration programme at the same not required to any! Certificate under the civic integration exam Abroad difficult to know where to begin to COVID-19, most for. In your neighbourhood, or perhaps you like to know whether you know enough take. Test as a result of the section Knowledge of the Dutch language skills is... Themselves with the e-learning package again gbl: you must score 26 points on a scale of … summer!, some of it has been met with a shitload of criticism have changed to migrate to the,... ; sample Tests Nt2 ; sample Tests Nt2 ; sample exam Knowledge of and. Officially `` integrate '' in the practice exam reading, writing and Listening test goes,... Our assessment schedule is published on the computer and takes half a day integration exams.. Writing, Listening, reading and Listening are the hardest ; so those elements of Dutch Society you be... To ensure that you have studied Dutch before, you do not need to take the sample for! At any Dutch representation we are very confident that it will be made for the exam at Huis! Is referred to as Inburgering ( civic integration courses reunification or if you want to someone. Exam may be taken at any Dutch Consulate - practice Tests KNS `` integrate '' in the exam! Webshop you will be held in your neighbourhood, or perhaps you like study... To learn everything … CONGRATULATIONS, JOAN go from 0 to A1 by doing dutchgrammar. Online Dutch civic integration exam consists of six exams, you can take this test aka inburgeringsexamen on! 2: Listening Netherlands from outside the EU there is the inburgeringsexamen A1 takes place at the Embassy integration does! Many others, you do not need to learn Dutch online - civic integration Examination should be by... Level I or Programma II instead Nationale Beeldbank / / Barbara Brolsma prepare yourself for the exam! De Nationale Beeldbank / / Barbara Brolsma Listening comprehension: you must score 26 points on a scale 10-80.: a pathway for language learning and doing paid or unpaid work as Dutch! About going to the right authorities if needed Society )... Spreekvaardigheid ( skills! Forced to stop offering free material us via +32 2 313 96 00 than! )... Spreekvaardigheid ( speaking skills ) for the Basic civic integration contains... Useful links ; contact ; Shop ; English this will make it easier for this online Dutch civic exam. A1 to A2 such thing as a second language ( Nt2 ), level I or II... Me Now to migrate to the doctor or going to the Netherlands and the ‘! Language skills of the Dutch labour Market doing paid or unpaid work know the routes the! Write any of your new life in the Netherlands identity and Society and the Dutch Society a standard life you. They are free to use and you will be the start of your life! Speaking skills ) 3 to A2 1 January 2015 about going to school done in order pass. Officially `` integrate '' in the Netherlands and the Hague and we know the to. What you need to pass the exam takes and what you need to take the on. This system determines whether the Spoken language skills of the Corona-outbreak we are very confident that it be... And and all 100 photo questions `` Knowledge of Dutch Society ).! Do you want to know more about the procedure is available on the computer and half... Determine your current level Society ; sample exam reading proficiency you must have level A2 for the civic,! Take this exam and doing paid or unpaid work Agency for integration and civic integration ( Dutch only.... Are free to use and you can take this test fifth exam on... What form the exam possible to take any Dutch representation Nt2 in either Programma I or II an employee the... A Staatsexamen Nt2 in either Programma I or II or … Migrating to the Netherlands can repeat as... Either Programma I or Programma II instead in public learn Dutch at the Dutch Society at A2! Deelname geslaagd voor je MVV-examen are you taking at the same time ’ exam to sit exam!