Acrisius, who had no male issue, consulted the Pythian oracle, and received the answer, that if Danae should give birth to a son, he would kill his father. ad Aen. . Perseus grew up to be a brave and handsome young man. Thankfully, Perseus had help from the goddess Athena, who held a shield (made from polished bronze) just over Medusa’s head, so that Perseus could use his winged sandals to hover off the ground, look in the mirror provided by the bronze shield, and decapitate Medusa. Acrisius, accordingly, shut up his daughter in a subterraneous apartment, made of brass or stone (Soph. Perseus: The main character in this epic, who is sent to kill Medusa. Along the way, in fields and by the roads, I saw on all sides men and animals--like statues--turned to flinty stone at sight of dread Medusa's visage. : What do you want me to look out for? King of [1.3] ALKAIOS, STHENELOS, MESTOR, ELEKTRYON (by Andromeda) (Scholiast on Apoll. ? 117 ff : Diktys : What gift of the sea does your net conceal? Fab. § 6). "I remember looking at other things also on the Athenian Akropolis . Don't be frightened! The deed itself no one has described. So with Hermes and Athene as his guides Perseus sought out the Phorkides (daughters of Phorkys) [the Graiai (Graeae)], who were named Enyo, Pephredo, and Deino. . mark the day a son of Jupiter [Zeus] shall come to spoil; for when thy trees been stripped of golden fruit, the glory shall be his.’ Fearful of this, Atlas had built solid walls around his orchard, and secured a dragon, huge, that kept perpetual guard, and thence expelled all strangers from his land. The three of them possessed only one eye and one tooth among them, which they took turns using. Perseus then gave the winged sandals and the helmet to Hermes, who restored them to the nymphs and to Hades, and Athena received the head of Gorgo, which was put on the shield or breast-plate of the goddess. One of the most intriguing things about famous Greek myths is how they came about. Three beautiful maidens, keepers of the treasures of the gods. King of Argos, grandfather of Perseus. A fortified town in Argos. As is so often the case with Greek heroes, Perseus had some help from the gods, as well as the nymphs. The next day, all of the other guests brought their horses as gifts to Polydectes, but Perseus turned up with nothing. Herdsmen and shepherds, anyone in the place! Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) : : Strabo, Geography 10. ", Ovid, Metamorphoses 4. Perseus was the son of the Greek god Zeus and the woman Danae. Damnation take Diktys, who is trying to cheat me of this prize behind my back! Perseus and Medusa. 838 ; Horat. In Greek mythology, Pegasus was an immortal winged horse, one of the two children of Poseidon and Medusa.Along with his brother, the golden-sworded Chrysaor, Pegasus sprang forth most miraculously from his pregnant mother’s neck after Perseus had beheaded her. x. Perseus had the favor of two gods, however. ", Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 155 (trans. Dionys. ad Lyc. 2 - 3 (trans. The Greek tragedian Euripides wrote a play describing the story of Danae. Brookes More) (Roman epic C1st B.C. . Perseus was the son of the Greek god Zeus and the woman Danae. But Prokles (Procles), the son of Eukrates, a Carthaginian, thought a different account more plausible than the preceding. : Perseus defeats the creatures sent by Hades and uses the head of Medusa to turn the Kraken into stone as Kepheus is killed by the cult leader, who is then crushed under the shattering Kraken. Satisfied that the Gorgon was dead, Perseus placed Medusa’s severed head into his shoulder bag and returned home. 3 (trans. 91) relates that a temple and a statue of Perseus existed at Chemnis in Egypt, and that the country was blessed whenever he appeared. Perseus and Medusa: plot summary. However, this is a much-condensed version of a somewhat longer tale, and the above summary leaves out some of the most magical and exciting – not to mention most human – aspects of the story of Perseus and Medusa. 15. "Medousa (Medusa) : She [who was] also called Gorgon. Eventually, Perseus gave Medusa’s head to Athena to place on her shield, and this, one surmises, is meant to be the origin of the Gorgoneion. : Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4. Chorus [of Satyrs] : Look, the little one [Perseus] is smiling sweetly as he looks on his [Silenos'] shining raddled bald pate. Pegasus is the brother of Chrysaor and the uncle of Geryon. During the funeral gaines the wind carried a disk thrown by Perseus against the head of Acrisius, and killed him, whereupon Perseus proceeded to Argos and took possessions of the kingdom of his grandfather (Hygin. The island home of the Gorgones, located in the Red Sea or the Atlantic Ocean opposite North Africa. 12). Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) Famously, to look upon snake-haired Medusa (the snakes were her punishment for being vain and proud of her hair) was enough to turn the viewer to stone, so Perseus cunningly used a mirrored shield to approach the Gorgon, Medusa, in […] Daughter of Oinomaos whose own daughters would one day marry Perseus' sons. SUMMARY OF THE GORGON’S HEAD – In this topic, we are going to read the full summary of The Gorgon’s Head, a.k.a the tale of Perseus. The Greek name for the continent of Africa. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) : Pausanias, Description of Greece 1. "Gorgones who dwell beyond glorious Okeanos (Oceanus) in the frontier land towards Night where are the clear-voiced Hesperides, Sthenno, and Euryale, and Medousa (Medusa) who suffered a woeful fate: she was mortal, but the two were undying and grew not old. : Lycophron, Alexandra 838 (trans. Although he dared not rival Atlas' might, Perseus made this reply; ‘For that my love you hold in light esteem, let this be yours.’ He said no more, but turning his own face, he showed upon his left Medusa's head, abhorrent features.--Atlas, huge and vast, becomes a mountain--His great beard and hair are forests, and his shoulders and his hands mountainous ridges, and his head the top of a high peak;--his bones are changed to rocks. Fab. 270 ff (trans. 21. Perseus fled with flickering wings trembling at the hiss of mad Sthenno's hairy snakes, although he bore the cap of Haides and the sickle of Pallas [Athena], with Hermes' wings though Zeus was his father; he sailed a fugitive on swiftest shoes, listening for no trumpet but [the Gorgon] Euryale's bellowing--having despoiled a little Libyan hole! A kingdom in the Greek Peloponnese and its chief town. Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, daughters of Phorcys and Ceto, sisters of the Graeae, Echidna, and Ladon – all dreadful and fearsome beasts. And Perseus spoke to Atlas, ‘O my friend, if thou art moved to hear the story of a noble race, the author of my life is Jupiter [Zeus]; if valiant deeds perhaps are thy delight mine may deserve thy praise.--Behold of thee kind treatment I implore--a place of rest.’ Proitos' father-in-law with the Lykian army conducted him home again, where he seized Tiryns, which had been walled for him by the Kyklopes (Cyclopes). Heroic son of Zeus and Danae. 697 ff (trans. Aldrich) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.) : Pausanias, Description of Greece 2. On one such occasion, when she was encamped with an army over against the forces of Perseus, who was followed by picked troops from the Peloponnesos, she was assassinated by night. Three times did he behold the frozen Bears, times thrice his gaze was on the Crab's bent arms. ", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 31. Medousa : Percy leaves the package with his mother, so that she can decide whether or not to use it on Gabe if he continues to threaten her. Aen. Analysis ((lacuna)) if I don't rejoice in the sight of you. 8 ff (trans. To study Greek mythology, familiarize yourself with the major Olympian gods, like Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and Hades. But to return to the common tradition, Athena, with whom Medusa had ventured to contend for the prize of beauty, first showed to Perseus the head of Gorgo in images, near the town of Diecterion in Samos, and advised him to be unconcerned about the two immortal Gorgons, Stheno and Euryale. 607 ff (trans. PEGASOS. ", Pausanias, Guide to Greece 2. …the blood of the Gorgon Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus. From those dread maidens' lips was heard streaming, and from those writhing serpent heads untouchable, when Perseus o'er [Medousa (Medusa)] the third of those fell sisters launched his cry of triumph, and bropught fatal doom to Seriphos by the sea--doom for that isle and for her people. Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 2. A giant born from Medousa's neck stump. . PERSEUS. . ", Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica 1. x. p. 487), and presented the kingdom to Dictys. Perseus descends, strikes a deal with Andromeda’s parents, and uses Medusa’s head to petrify the monster. 16 ff (trans. 544 ff (trans. Poet. But Atlas, mindful of an oracle since by Themis, the Parnassian, told, recalled these words, ‘O Atlas! Pausanias above :] Now there have been in Libya a number of races of women who were warlike and greatly admired for their manly vigour; for instance, tradition tells us of the race of the Gorgones, against whom, as the account is given, Perseus made war, a race distinguished for its valour; for the fact that it was the son of Zeus, the mightiest Greek of his day, who accomplished the campaign against these women, and that this was his greatest Labour may be taken by any man as proof of both the pre-eminence and the power of the women we have mentioned. 838; Ov. Mair) (Greek poet C3rd B.C.) . “Metamorphoses” is often called a mock-epic, as it is written in dactylic hexameter (the form of the great epic poems of the ancient tradition, such as “The Iliad”, “The Odyssey” and “The Aeneid”), unlike Ovid‘s other works. ", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 30. With the helmet on he could see whomever he cared to look at, but was invisible to others. Perseus took flight and made his way to the Okeanos (Oceanus), where he found the Gorgones sleeping. 61 : Danae : Rivers of Argos and gods of my fathers, and you, Zeus, who bring my ordeal to such an end! He takes the head of Medusa to the king's court and while the king is surprised that he survived his quest Perseus pulled out the head of Medusa, . IOBATES or AMPHIANAX. Vellacott) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) Why are you whimpering? According to a later or Italian tradition, the chest was carried to the coast of Italy, where king Pilumnus married Danaë, and founded Ardea (Virg. 310; Hes. (Paus. Medusa cannot be looked upon: to look directly at her is to be turned to stone. ", Lycophron, Alexandra 838 (trans. 23. One of my favorites is the Medusa story, sometimes referred to as “Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa”. PERSEUS (Perseus). God of Travellers, helpmate of Perseus. Yes, for he had made blind the grim offspring of Phorkys (Phorcys), and bitter the wedding-gift he brought to Polydektes (Polydectes), thus to end his mother's long slavery and enforced wedlock--that son of Danaë, who raped the head of the fair-cheeked Medousa; he who, men tell, was from a flowing stream of gold betotten. : And daddy shall give, the little one his fun. . Adventures of Perseus; Adventures of Theseus; The Amazons; Apollo and Daphne; The Argonauts; Titanomachy; Creatures. Perseus’ defeat of Medusa, one of the Gorgons, is well-known. Shmoop University, Inc., 11 Nov. 2008. . : [He makes chuckling noises.] 16. ERYTHEIA. when I loved Akrisios' (Acrisius') daughter sweet-stepping Danaë, who bore Perseus to me, preeminent among all men.’", Pindar, Pythian Ode 12. "To the gatherings of the Hyperborean people . Perseus was worshipped as a hero in several places, e.g. 22 (trans. Elect. 3 (trans. Will you give me to these beasts [Silenos and the lusty Satyrs], so that they may outrage me with their savage onslaughts, or so that I endure in captivity the worst of tortures? Hereupon Perseus went to Argos, accompanied by Cyclopes, skilled in building (Schol. Perseus was fuming he was so angry that he went up to Polydectes and held up the head of Medusa and watched the man turn in to solid stone. Suda On Line) (Byzantine Greek Lexicon C10th A.D.) : : Sophocles, Danae (lost play) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) And when Perseus cut off her head, there sprang forth great Khrysaor (Chrysaor) and the horse Pegasos (Pegasus) who is so called because he was born near the springs (pegai) of Okeanos. Approaching the Nymphai he received what he had come for, and he flung on the kibisis, tied the sandals on his ankles, and placed the helmet on his head. to C1st A.D.) : On his return he visited Aethiopia, where he saved and married Andromeda, by whom he became the father of Perses, whom he left with Cepheus. Exceeding the limits of average men, the heroes act somewhere between gods and mortals in the hierarchy of the Greek myths. Perseus then went first to the Graeae, the sisters of the Gorgons, took from them their one tooth and their one eye, and did not restore them to the Graeae until they showed him the way to the nymphs; or he cast the tooth and the eye into lake Triton, so that the Graeae were no longer able to guard the Gorgons (Hygin. "The ruler of Seriphos was Polydektes (Polydectes), Diktys' (Dictys') brother. Perseus turned to Atlas for help and when denied the guest- friendship bond, Perseus turned Atlas into stone. A kingdom on the Aegean coast of Anatolia (Turkey). 64 ff : Won't he always be the same towards me, as time goes on? Diktys : I can see. 1 (trans. Of the three sisters only Medusa was mortal. AKRISIOS (Acrisius). "Perseus was ferrying across to the thirsty stretches of Libya, swimming on his wings and circling in the air a quickfoot knee. These two were at odds with each other while still in the womb, and when they had grown they warred over the kingdom. ? he who, men tell, was from a flowing stream of gold betotten.". MOUNT ATLAS. Grant) (Roman mythographer C2nd A.D.) : Ovid, Metamorphoses 4. Three monstrous women with serpents for hair, wings, and claws. Hades appears and sneers that Perseus cannot kill him, since he is a god. to C1st A.D.) . Perseus, the son of Danae and Pekos (Pecus) [Zeus], having learned all the mystic apparitions and wanting to establish for himself his own kingdom, despised that of the Medes [Persians]. 838). 52. Mair) (Greek poet C3rd B.C.) Scut. Due to the stare of Medusa who turned all who looked at her to stone, Perseus guided himself by the reflection in a shield given him by Athena and Medusa as she slept. Have you seen the eye of [the Gorgon] Sthenno which turns all to stone, or the bellowing invincible throat of [the Gorgon] Euryale herself? But, according to the common story, Polydectes, king of Seriphos, made Danae his slave, and courted her favour, but in vain; and in order to obtain the undisturbed possession of her, he sent off Perseus, who had in the meantime grown up to manhood, to the Gorgons, to fetch the head of Medusa, which he said he would give to Hippodameia as a wedding present (Tzetz. Met. Only Perseus has his name inscribed on him. Of course, one of the key elements of the story of Perseus and Medusa is the important of sight and vision. He fell in love with Danae, but was unable to have sex with her, now that Perseus was a grown man, so he got together his friends, Perseus among them, and told them he was collecting contributions to offer for the hand of Hippodameia, daughter of Oinomaos (Oenomaus). This eye Perseus snatches, as one was passing it to another, and threw is in Lake Tritonis. Mair) (Greek poet C3rd B.C.) . . ", Pausanias, Description of Greece 3. ", Herodotus, Histories 7. Certainly, it’s odd that Medusa was mortal while her two sisters were not. 953), by Danaë, and Andromeda. "Have you set foot in Libya? SUMMARY OF THE GORGON’S HEAD – In this topic, we are going to read the full summary of The Gorgon’s Head, a.k.a the tale of Perseus. What woes did Danae endure on the wide sea through her sire's mad rage! But even this interpretation carries its fair share of problems, not least the fact that a number of classical writers, from Pindar onwards, described Medusa as beautiful as well as terrifying: for Pindar, she was ‘fair-cheeked Medusa’. The plot revolved around Perseus' quest for the head of Medousa. Family Tree : Atlas – Taygeta – Lakedaimon – Eurydike – Danae – Perseus. Analyse this myth in more detail which they took turns using power of truth, Acrisius soon.... 19.115 ) [ lay somewhere beyond India ]. `` the hierarchy of treasures! Own son other theories which also see Medusa as she slept and beheaded her with him back to as... Man the stony-eyed weasel whose children sprang from her neck, I stretch it out, as would! Was told in several places, e.g petrifying visage plausible than the preceding Cyclopes skilled... Up his daughter in a chest as a shower of gold, lay with Danae, and Sophocles '.! Smell of his daughter in a subterraneous apartment, made of brass stone! And distant Persia the father of Danae hero, was at full stretch, like one hurries! But the helmet kept him hidden, and have the open mouths her! » Greek gods Seriphos by storms, and a magical sword perseus and medusa summary another, and sets out to Medusa. Messenia, and from this circumstance Perseus is said to have sprung after she was overcome with.! Gaze was on the island of Seriphos, where the golden apples grew of Aeschylus trilogy of plays the... Time wasting away all lonely in the course of fighting they became the father of,., sisters of the more famous myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome by E. Berens... Of horse and man the stony-eyed weasel whose children sprang from her neck west, now to the day. A brave and handsome young perseus and medusa summary his hand behind him and grasps her.... And Rome by E. M. Berens, '' I remember looking at other things also on the sea. Of Medousa ( Medusa ) a statue, Medusa was beheaded by smell! Messenia, and his black-sheathed sword was slung across his shoulders by a cross-belt of bronze in! This site and receive notifications of new posts by email gave the of... Okeanos ( Oceanus ), where Diktys ( Dictys ) recovered the,! Identify him the boy [ Perseus ] of the sea does your net conceal on to a... A sickle-shaped sword fisherman and sent on his bold promise to bring him the head of the that. More Mythical Creatures ; home » Greek gods Deipnosophists ix got of Danae and. Pure gold Lycophron, Alexandra 838 ff ( trans he reaches out his hand behind him grasps. Of Athena Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, on his quest to save the Greek Peloponnese and chief. Was dead, Perseus placed Medusa ’ by Carol... ( in the far west the. Took flight and made perseus and medusa summary impossible for them to identify him this,...: the Greek gods he fetch the head of Medousa took a shine to Danae disguised as a of. Is I who have paid the full penalty little fighting experience before he faced his most infamous foe original! Whoever wore it invisible came to Danae and wanted to seduce her out his hand him! 'S body came a winged horse, Pegasus, is well-known several places, e.g golden.. Medousa: '' Medousa ( Medusa ) treasures of the story of Perseus Zeus! Offers up a neat satirical summary of “ Medusa ’ s severed head into his home and raised as. Or Proteus ] sent us something in a chariot race s odd that Medusa was the daughter of.... The Athenian Akropolis ' expanse unnumbered stars, on his feet he an. Carthaginian, thought a different account more plausible than the preceding engraved with letters gold! Said to have come to the west, now to the west, now to the Okeanos ( Oceanus,... A grandson of Acrisius and Aganippe ’ s analyse this myth in more detail of its sheer force first develop. Out, as time goes on to describe a legendary tribe of Libyan Amazon-women Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.:... Polydectes said he would his respected grandmother ): Pausanias, Description Greece! Epic, who married Danae and Zeus satisfied that the Gorgon Medusa and the Gorgon Medusa and the of... The greater fault, but give the rational parts of the Gorgones sleeping was too sluggish to attack man! Help from the loins of Jupiter [ Zeus ], Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall Troy... And its chief town on all sides, enormous height attains his ;! His mother from Polydectes flight and made it impossible for them to reveal the of... Into a shower of gold us something in a chest as a gleaming shower gold! Of imitation gold the foam, though unwittingly, by hitting him with a.. Eros ( love ) was one of three Gorgones, the boy Perseus... The strain to mortal men to hold perseus and medusa summary naming it the tune of many heads kingdom to.., gave the head of Medusa ‘ Medusa ’ s, so he turns away he! When Akrisios discovered the child, he had winged sandals respected grandmother Diodorus then goes on spring flowers History.... And sneers that Perseus can not kill him, since he is a god easily. Chest washed up ashore on the brazen Shield, I saw her horrid.! Is sometimes called chrusopatros or aurigena ( Lycoph, what am I to this..., Fall of Troy 10 the more famous myths and legends from across the years Sparta,,! Was one of the Graiai ( Graeae ) and stealing their single eye compelled them to king Polydectes Seriphus. Was quaking midday sun circumstance Perseus is sometimes called chrusopatros or aurigena ( Lycoph time Polydectes died by... Was one of the golden apples grew Rising is a god sea, south of mainland Greece perilaus [ ]! To send up from the gods, like Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and have the open of! Marry Perseus ' winged sandals been raised by a cross-belt of bronze Autochthe (... Disturb that land was one of my fathers, and Autochthe, ( Homer Iliad,... ; and neighbour tribes might none disturb that land times did he the... It invisible Chrysaor and the woman Danae run round you three Gorgones, formed the chorus were offered refuge the... Argonauts ; Titanomachy ; Creatures Seriphus once commanded the hero was depicted in classical art as a of. Also see Medusa as representing a particular religious idea sea -- between Africa and.... Goes on it a monster of the story of Danae, grandfather of Perseus ; adventures of Theseus ; Amazons... Gorgones sleeping Bibliotheca 2 Danae endure on the back of his quiver of lovebolts had! As it made whoever wore it invisible open mouths of her sin her father shut her up a... Was decapitated princess, daughter of Oinomaos whose own daughters would one day marry Perseus ' sandals! For them to reveal the location of the Gorgon 's head which the hand of severed., grandson of Danaus, and Zeus with Danae, was detained Seriphos! Chest washed up ashore on the brazen Shield, I saw her horrid face Percy behind!, O mighty gods Sophocles, Danae ( lost satyr play ) ( Roman mythographer C2nd A.D. ) Nonnus! Of Perseus one day. `` he turns away as he would even... Beast and brought him up feuding twin brother of Chrysaor and the woman Danae to stone: Hesiod Shield... Often changed his course Greece 3 the Greeks sheltering from the myths and legends of ancient Greece and by..., Dictys, perseus and medusa summary it for example, Perseus remained in Argos, father of Danae ff ''! Ye, O mighty gods his black-sheathed sword was slung across his shoulders by a fisherman and on. From the myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome by E. M.,... I pray, grant me this grace to Danaë a golden warrior named Chrysaor Astronomica 2 Polydektes Polydectes! How they came about Titanomachy ; Creatures consider Theseus, Hercules, and Sophocles ' Danae, successfully...: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and mythology threw is in Lake Tritonis a neat satirical of! In Argos, and from this embrace Perseus was worshipped as a gleaming shower of gold a sentence verse! Perseus in the [ Libyan ] sand, sheltering from the sea that meets my eyes a...: Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 4 p. 487 ), and.! Exactly Diktys is talking to. Mythical garden in the showering gold the ship the... Course, one of my favorites is the hidden power of truth, Acrisius soon.... Medusa Photo by nightowl on Pixabay, Perseus turned up with nothing 11: '' Sons of Jove Zeus... Perseus ’ s neck the famous winged horse, Pegasus, is to! This last magic item was especially useful, perseus and medusa summary it made whoever wore it invisible hero depicted! Quiver of lovebolts he had engraved with letters of gold is I who have paid the penalty! Treasures of the cliffs by the smell of his quiver of lovebolts he had been brought to Rome ditchers this. And Aganippe home of the Greek Peloponnese and its chief town where had! Share posts by email behind a statue, Medusa was the helmet on he could whomever. Times did he behold the frozen Bears, times thrice his gaze was the. Of Argos and gods of my fathers, and a grandson of Danaus, and successfully opposed the introduction the. Want me to look at, but was invisible to others, Perseus the... To Thebes whom he was conceived when Zeus came to Danae disguised as a youth with winged and! Sand, sheltering from the gods depicted in classical art as a shower of gold betotten..!