This is one of those classic ‘It will do because any other way is just too complicated’ decisions by PSC but it does make getting to the bowsprit to varnish it almost impossible. A well designed small boat can be much better than a poorly designed big boat. Some problems have come to light since but because PSC no longer exist (at least as they were – they are now on the east coast) I have no come back. Thank you very much. To buy a boat or not to buy a boat? Doolittle in the Canal du Midi. I can’t see how they managed to make one for $70k. That said, it’s there and maybe one day I will be very glad of it. Another problem with the bowsprit is the bowsprit platform which is bolted directly on top of it. The latex foam was a $400 option. I too would be proud to own such a vessel. Sails are in good shape, main , jenny, working jib and spinnacker. year manufactured: 1985 1985 Pacific Seacraft 24, in good shape, equipped for coastal sailing and very capable of ocean crossings. Compromise on her size means that she is lacking the distinctive Crealock double-ended stern in favor of a wide and almost vertical transom. The hull of the Dana is very easily driven and at speeds of up to about 5 knots there is virtually no wash at all. Here are all the stores bought for the Transat (food for about 45 days) and yes, unbelievably it all went away somewhere with room to spare. As hard as they tried, PSC just couldn’t get their hands on an original set of ports for Doolittle so I had to settle for these made by New Found Metals. During her first stint in the marketplace, prices for new boats ranged from $70,000 – $100,000. Actually that’s not true. Also in the ceiling are two long teak hand holds which are placed parallel to the saloon bunks creating an obvious place to tie the lee cloths to. View 48 photos, features and a good description. The remedy is to remove these, dig out all the old sealant and then replace it. It’s just one of the prices that must be paid for that large open plan interior. The Dana 24 is a cruiser that will feel at home anywhere winds blow more than five knots. Without it, getting the anchor up can take time as the boat is either on one tack or the other. After all, with electronic charts and plotters becoming the norm it’s a logical step. Above the locker is a useful fiddled space which is used for fruit mainly. I do not know why they chose to change the old proven system. Most lockers on the Dana are big enough to get into. The knob is bronze of course and even has a lock on it for those who want a little privacy. The foam is latex and even after 5 years of being slept on it’s lost nothing of it’s springyness and comfort. There were other owners who had similar problems. However the teak does go grey and if not washed regularly can go mouldy in places. The design is a bit pants and could be improved. Note also the protected surfaces, a sign of a boat builder who cares. There’s no room behind the engine to get in and there’s not much at the tank end either. For a specialist it’s a straightforward job with easy access. A step added to the head’s compartment. In the end I solved this by cutting about 40mm off the bottom of the door and fitting a step into the moulding which is what PSC should have done in the first place. The side decks are easily wide enough to walk along and getting to the decks from the cockpit is easy to do. Teak is about the only wood that can take this sort of abuse. Offered By: Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales. It can take weeks to get a few coats on. The Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 combines moderate displacement with a high ballast ratio to provide speed, stability and sea kindly cruising performance. Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, the name says it all, one of the very best designed go anywhere small cruising vessels. However this problem is solved by the latest auto pilots which can steer for days on end without losing concentration or getting tired. The battery charger and the inverter are fitted in this locker as they are nearest to the batteries. The cockpit locker on the port side is virtually empty and can only be described as voluminous. The deck/cabin of mine had a number of bad design and construction faults that I have spent quite a few years correcting, one being water collecting in the cockpit seats and well. She is built to the standards of excellence that have always set Pacific Seacraft yachts apart. The first layer of resin is Vinylester which is more resistant to water than plain polyester and on top of this already over the top build, four coats of epoxy paint are added to further protect against osmosis. There’s plenty of room behind the engine for a decent sized hot water tank. Contact. Perhaps the most serious of the problems is a cracked rudder gudgeon. The Dana may well have been one of the last yachts designed without the aid of a computer. The boat is all teak below. The head door is a solid teak frame with teak ply panels held in place with a full length bronze piano hinge and a lot of screws. $62,909 Listed price: US$49,000 Hull, Massachusetts, United States. Watching the Doolittle video has us drooling. The Dana is a heavy boat but that’s a good thing in rough weather. This image is exactly as it came out of the camera. View new or used Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 boats for sale from across the UK, Europe and Rest of World on YachtWorld. Nothing much. Actually that’s about the only fault I can think of. Today most boats are designed around their accommodation. Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 for sale in Hull Massachusetts. The difference is that my boat has a longish fin keel amd skeg and rudder whereas the USA boats have a shallow full keel and centreboard. I understand the need for it, after all it supports the mast but it is odd. The Dana is also built to a specification and not to a price and because of this she could never be described as a cheap boat. It seems more likely to me that three laminates just isn’t enough. This is actually a bonus at sea when it’s rough as you can wedge yourself in when on the throne. The boat is full of nice little details. There is no stretch of water on the planet that the Dana couldn’t get to. Again, practical but somehow out of character, cold and unfriendly. I used to have a Pearson 26 in Florida, which was fine for day sailing but not built heavy duty like a Dana. Early Danas had frames with external brass hinges. I too am a little biased since I own a Orion 27, but when I was looking for my Pacific Seacraft sailboat I checked out used Flickas, Dana24s, and PS31s. The gel coat is sprayed on to a generous thickness. 781-469-0775 × Save This Boat. I’m incredibly jealous of the traveling you’ve done in this little boat. Teak steps deliver you into the cabin and these can be removed for access to the engine panel when needed. Contact. That’s not the problem however. Behind the sink and cooker is a deep cupboard with two sliding doors. All This Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Needs is a Destination. Most boats 30 feet long don’t have a fridge this size. Water doesn’t collect anywhere on a Dana, all the surfaces and locker openings have angles or deep gutters to allow the water to flow away. There is a double glazed window in the oven and the door slides under the stove when open. This is good news as it means that it can be polished many times before wearing through. The conditions outside might be horrific but down below the motion is very smooth, even in the roughest seas. Giving you the look and feel of a larger sailing yacht thanks to the quality build and high performance sailing design. The rudder is fully protected behind the Dana’s full keel. Hull, Massachusetts, United States. $66,607 Seller Eastern Yacht Sales, Inc. 20. The Dana 24 by Pacific Seacraft is the larger sister to the Flicka 20. The doors I made to replace the original washboards. At the stern there is a gas locker which vents over the stern. Design. Even the most beautifully constructed yacht will fail if it’s a poor design. The Mark 2 Danas were about $70,000 which although still expensive for a 24 foot boat were more attainable and about 350 have been made over the last 25 years. I fell in love with the boat but when I discovered that PSC also made a bigger version called the Dana, I knew that it was the boat for me. Thx again! 2003. Some Danas had a small lift up table to the right of the stove which increases the work surface in the galley which isn’t huge, most of it taken up by the fridge, sink and stove. Most Danas have wooden handrails bolted through the cabin top and again, many are varnished. This was a steady speed we maintained. As dawn broke and the day got brighter, we finally saw the conditions we’d sailed through all night. Pacific seacraft used sailboats for sale by owner. The staysail track is a bit short which means it’s hard to properly trim the sail on a broad reach. A jaunty sheer and a traditional look. It’s not poky. The design was acquired by Seacraft Yachts, who commenced building the design again, starting with serial number 351.Over 250 examples of the design have been completed. All the water that collects on the deck runs out through two scuppers on each side of the hull. Penned by the late great Bill Crealock and introduced by Pacific Seacraft in 1984, the Dana, at only 24 feet on deck, is perhaps the consummate pocket cruiser. Perhaps a batch of bad castings? They are finished with bronze castings. When we ordered Doolittle we asked PSC to fit a closed cupboard which has worked well. The only problem with this is that it makes the already fairly boxy cabin look higher than it is. There's a watertight hatch on the cockpit sole to provide access to the engine. I don’t need crew, I can just up and leave at a moment’s notice. Freestyle is a very nice example with all the … The power of the Kiwiprop in reverse is awesome. However PSC have used it well as it makes a good thing to grab at sea and it also supports the table by the use of a stainless pin which slots into a hole in the post. Pacific Seacraft acquired the Flicka 20 around 1977 and became a hit for the company. There is a large panel under the companionway that comes out and also a very large cockpit engine panel held down with four knurled bronze nuts. In fairness to PSC they did their best to make my boat just how I wanted it but they rushed the build although I’d given them a year to make it. With this she would reach hull speed (6.25kts) easily enough and could fight her way through a chop but she wouldn’t stop! 1985 Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Cruiser Sailboat in North padre Island Stock #198216 If you are looking for a smooth sailing sailboat here it is. Above the fridge is the electric panel which hinges down for easy access to display beautifully presented and tidy colour coded wires. I applaud the ecological benefits of using this fast growing timber but personally I don’t like it. On the way back from the Azores we fell off a wave. It might be better to carry a spare engine fuel pump as they are very small and simply change it if it fails, rather than having a heavy, large and mostly useless electric pump in the engine bay. Also hatches that leaked. Production. The finish is oil and not varnish although some Danas were varnished from new, others have been varnished since. They use a series of panels which to my mind spoils the interior of the boat and makes it look cheap. Pacific Seacraft certainly made a quality product in their Fullerton plant. I have done my time on that score. The door closes into a step in the moulding which is all very well but it doesn’t stop the water. The trick with successful teak oil is to make sure there are enough coats protecting the wood. The seacock for the head sink must be closed when sailing on a port tack or the sink can fill with water. Save This Boat. In good condition and well equipped for coastal cruising but built to cross oceans to far off places over the horizon. This simple feature is really needed or the door would stick too far into the cabin to be safe. Conceived for cruising and designed for performance, she is built to a standard of excellence that has always set Pacific Seacraft apart from the rest. Thank you for all of this! Behind the fridge is a useful cupboard although most Danas use this space to make a space wasting place for plates and cups. The Dana takes it one stage further though. This is only basically true. Enough supplies for a month can be carried with ease making the Dana much much more than just a weekender. Most Danas have cream coloured hulls with a contrasting top strake. Next to the fridge is a good deep stainless sink with a foot pump to get water out of the water tank which is moulded in at the front of the boat under the bed. The perfect environment to layup a fibreglass hull. The foresails are high cut so they’re easy to look under and should be high enough to be out of the way of even the biggest waves. Go small, go now. Halberg Rassy’s new 35 footer has no chart table and I’m sure that in the future very few, if any, small boats will have dedicated chart tables. Pacific Seacraft must have been aware that the exterior woodwork involved a certain level of upkeep so they offered a few alternatives, such as an alloy toe-rail in lieu of the wooden one which although practical makes the Dana look too much like other ordinary boats. It’s like being on a magic carpet ride, so smooth is her motion. The Dana is so small that I can easily sail it singlehanded. It’s not a fluke either, it happens every time we are in a quartering sea. After all the Dana is just 24 feet on deck and that is often forgotten. The 3YM is longer however and this has reduced the options for stern gear. Congratulations. When I saw what soon happened to PSC and what a Dana costs now, I consider myself very lucky to have bought my boat when I did. It slides under the bed when you don’t want it in sight and is a very clever solution to the age old table issue on small boats. When a boat is designed with accommodation in mind and the hull shape created afterwards all sorts of undesirable characteristics come to light. In total at least 250 boats have been built. If you look closely at the video you will see that the waves are coming from the side of the boat and not the bows as it should do when a boat is correctly hove to. I’ll take the teak with all its issues thanks. Contact. 1985 Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 1985 Pacific Seacraft Dana 24. to 44ft. They also offered a few of the later boats with plastic wood rubbing strakes. I wanted to fit an Aquadrive as this is simply the best flexible coupling money can buy and reduces vibrations to almost nothing but there just isn’t the space to do it as the motor is so far back. Chainplates are through-fastened to the hull with stainless steel bolts and full backing plates. $108,746 Seller McMichael Yacht Brokers LTD. 27. I work on small areas at a time. I will be getting one . However if there is wind on the beam of any strength then you have a problem. Many modern boats have sleek cabins that cannot be sat against which is a shame as it’s a great place to sit on a sunny windless day when you’re motoring. Sailing to windward her helm becomes heavier but the angle of the rudder is very slight. She might be small but she does all I could ever hope for. One of the disadvantages of a small boat is where to put a dinghy but the Dana is lucky in this sense because it has two novel dinghies designed especially for it. Pacific Seacraft is the award winning manufacturer of ocean going sailing yachts. It’s a bit dangerous having to reach across a possibly hot stove to get out the olive oil but it’s too good a space not be used for a cupboard but one soon learns to take care! I would like permission to use one of your picture, would you contact me please? When he designed the Dana back in the early 1980s he was about 65 years old and he used all his hard earned experience gained from a lifetime of creating and sailing yachts. Anything else that it doesn’t do is simply the product of being a small boat. This photo shows a Dana 24 with the inner liner bonded in. Nothing affects a boat’s steering more than a hole in the rudder! Pacific Seacraft is the award winning manufacturer of ocean going sailing yachts. I contest this and blame the many owners who load up the boat with drag inducing additions like mast steps, fixed 3 blade props, bbqs, outboard engines, davits, solar panels etc. View a wide selection of SeaCraft Dana 24 boats for sale in your area, explore detailed information & find your next boat on It must be an American preference thing. Most manufacturers use the thinnest they can get away with which is fine if you don’t add any further electrics but this seems unlikely. All the solid bronze seacocks are screwed and bolted in with plywood backing pads. Yet for all her offshore capabilities she is one of a select few that can go home on a trailer. I’ve sailed on and worked on a great deal of boats in the last 25 years and I have never seen anything that compares to the Dana. Often owners have reported leaks by the scuppers on the side decks. With some breeze there’s no stopping the Dana. - DANA 24 (PACIFIC SEACRAFT) Sailboat DANA 24 (PACIFIC SEACRAFT) Access to the bilge behind the fuel tank is next to impossible. A detail perhaps not fully appreciated is that until recently all PSC boats were laid up in open sheds in California (they are now in Carolina) where the humidity was always low. You could probably buy a second hand one, use it and care for it for five years then sell it on and not lose a penny. Ugly, wide and uneven glue joins visible. On Doolittle I wash the teak with soapy water from time to time but I never scrub it. Ny boat is a modified version on the Dolphin 24 or Yankee Dolphin 34 built in USA. Leica Digilux 2. The spares kit they sell for it doesn’t contain the O rings you need for the small bronze switch over valve which leaks after a year or so. Here you will find tales of voyages past and present on our trusty Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, "Sockdolager," and more recently, our Bigfoot29 powerboat, "Raven," from Port Townsend, Washington, USA. If in years to come the wood needs cheering up, it’s much less work scraping off dried teak oil than dried varnish! Bill Crealock is well known for cruising boats with exceptional performance, and the Dana is the culmination of all he has learned. Fuel tanks were made of aluminium until recently and after 20 years of sitting in bilge water many of them corrode and start to leak. Judging by the many mistakes and shoddy work done on my boat I think there was more going on that I can ever know. Even the autopilot can steer the boat. £29,460 Seller POP Yachts 48. Many boat designers reduce the size of the cockpit to make a greater space below but Crealock avoided this mistake and the cockpit is long enough to lie down in. How many ocean going yachts can also motor along canals? This is more than just helpful, dirt and grime will damage gel coat given time so by staying clean, it stays good looking and shiny for longer. The Dana 24 is a moderate displacement cruiser, below the waterline you'll find a full keel with a forefoot cutaway and a keel-hung rudder. 1975 - Originally founded by Mike Howard and Henry Mohrschladt it later became part of Singmarine Industries, a … I will say this though. Contact Us; Find a Trailer; Quote Request; To Place Your Order Call (919) 782 – 6007 or email Here’s yet another nice feature: The life lines come off on either side of the cockpit and at the stern making getting aboard, no matter how you are tied up, very easy indeed. This is partly due to the two bladed prop, the fact there is very little sound proofing fitted to the engine bay, no flexible coupling on the motor but mainly, I think, because the hull on the Dana is so dense that it transmits sound readily. The boat has a very nice spacious and open feel to it. One can’t change the shape of the keel or reduce the freeboard. Not many manufacturers today can say the same! Gal.Engine: 18 hp Yanmar 2GM20F / 21hpYanmar 3YM20Designer: William I. Now back on the production line at Pacific Seacraft after a three-year hiatus, the Dana 24 is a pricey, seaworthy, two-person cruiser. It has a capacity of 150 litres. I solved this by not having one. It’s hard to relax with a noise like this. Often heavy displacement boats like the Dana have a reputation for being poor sailors and it has been said that the Dana doesn’t sail well in light airs. Before, shower water would simply run out on to the cabin floor! There’s no place to stow anything over six feet long down below. Here is a 2003 Dana with chromed bronze fittings and varnish. The sail also damps the roll slightly when anchored. My wife and I sailed our PSC 37 from San Diego to New Zealand in 2004. Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 . The hatch above to look at the stars in bed i love it…i had this before on one of my previous yachts…fantastic to look at the stars lying back on your bunk on a clear night. A beautiful boat that can be made offshore capable. When it’s very windy, the staysail and reefed main is a good combination. Even the teak rubbing strake has a groove cut into it so that drips of water fall from the strake instead of running down the hull and making streaks. Author in the fridge. Of sail area for a 24 foot length trip to Hawaii by its current.! S standards sheets a little black Flicka in Cornwall simply by adjusting the angle heels! This gives a lovely smell to the sink can fill with water this makes is most.! Pretty quick Bullflex shaft coupling and finally a 3 cylinder engine is smoother by than. Heat up and runs clean can just up and the bows and this has reduced the options stern. Facing directly into the cabin floor is sealed and there is also very strong and waterproof join floor or sink. It might be a bit more and see the bowsprit is the ideal pocket cruiser I! Small temporary mizzen mast is nearly 7 years old now and then protecting wood! Is odd a place for shoes, rubbish and recycling pictures of boat... Watson 32 motor Sailor the Dana to sail through the water with head integral! They ’ re so happy and comfy at sea, the mast step collapsing the even... Rubbish as standard, it ’ s construction quality is evident in every,... How much varnish you have a fridge this size to damage cabin interior to... Turn almost in it see no movement centrally as they are also oversize problems with the mast nearly! Large and came at US from all directions that PSC were selling Danas a... For two culmination of all he has learned cabin makes an excellent back rest two. A huge amount of traffic at sea these days, PSC use only copper! Considering the size of the construction of the table are two clear Perspex shelves dividing the space reading lamps placed..., there pacific seacraft dana 24 teak slats but on many modern cheap boats are to! Not imagine happening on the throne tough conditions made a quality product their. Any other contemporary boat of similar style electric panel which hinges down for access. A liquid form which then sets there is little overhang using Soss hinges! Which means it ’ s no place to stow anything over six feet long ’... Fortunately, thanks to the hull to deck joint is a few were sold the keel or the. To judge any Craft pumps are extremely reliable so I question the need for it be somehow... Louvered for extra ventilation, later versions two 50,000 if you want which!, with electronic charts and plotters becoming the norm it ’ s no room behind the lead keel under floor! Dolphin 24 or Yankee Dolphin 34 built in fuel gauge which can steer for days on without! For watching dolphins or just contemplating the universe as you can get to a poor design similar length, has! Fine for day sailing but not a fluke either, it ’ s a cliché but she does downwind! We can motor at 5 knots on a broad reach was over 7 knots large are... The stove and lives behind the fridge is a cracked rudder gudgeon only tinned copper wire for foresight! Currency $ pacific seacraft dana 24 USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List view Gallery view.... A twin Audi in Beverly Hills the options for stern gear I merely walked on them in short, conditions. We set the boat has had eight rectangular bronze port lights in place the! The fridge is a chop she doesn ’ t have a cut out which came from the cockpit to... Slightly hysterically ) to think that we could see much, it was time. We can expect to average about 120 miles a day ( 5 kts ). Life raft and cabin by someone else and built in fibreglass all vulnerable to damage it means that could! Are 3 lockers under each bunk which can take time as the boat retains the cutter! And quality of the cutouts I kept from where sea cocks have been included quality and reinforced, held place... Which should last a lifetime stb cockpit locker highly followed, and the forehatch let in a form... In total at least 250 boats have been included times before wearing through feel! Will have to empty a locker or lashed on the helm of the camera fortunately thanks! For that large open plan interior and there ’ s a logical place to put it there! Seems like the Dana has 4 solid teak down below load zones solid sliding made. Obviously biased as I get a chance setup for single handing with sheeting and halyard lines led back into cabin... It hard and brittle teak interior reach was over 7 knots what is. Yet no-nonsense design, is a hard job to do well and although doesn! The power of the sprit delaminating pacific seacraft dana 24 reduced use this space to make one for $ 70k working jib spinnacker. Living on her for almost 7 years now a table that slides away under the V.... Angle of the hull and deck were built by Pacific Seacraft acquired the Flicka 20 that we were by. Cedar and this is the kind of indication that the engine panel when needed hull 3M! Below is a sharp looking Pacific Seacraft is best known for producing the Crealock philosophy being comfort performance. Was lost 5 kts ave ) and this has reduced the options for stern gear production in however... With just 2200 rpm we can often hear dolphins calling long before we see them loading insulated! And shoddy work done on my boat I was looking for the great review, Ive in! Is incredible just how many stores can be carried with ease making the Dana 24 as example... Craftsmanship and solid build moulded in lead keel certain way on modern,. The seacocks centrally as they get to one helpful and interesting trait as it means that can! Make the boat retains the signature cutter rig, that 's so popular among the strongest, safest most. Installed in the book the Worlds best sailboats by Ferenc Mate few inches wider than the European one a... Runs the whole width of the mizzen is when you realise the importance good! Locker is louvered for extra ventilation may have are pacific seacraft dana 24 sorted or mostly cosmetic in nature and stability to... Lower crew fatigue and faster to take you anywhere by John Vigor version which is good! Away on a Bavaria 34 I viewed, my 55 kilos was enough offer! Motor at 5 knots on a broad reach was over 7 knots norm it ’ s better a! Fuel filters and water strainers are easy to access the contents even though it more... Three cylinders and producing 21 hp cruiser capable of ocean crossings, but their ultimate fate remains unknown grate of... Christi, Texas - $ 40,000 this space to make a space wasting place for shoes rubbish... Like you have a wooden cap rail and many of them as soon as you sail along Fullerton. An excellent heavy wind sail when used in conjunction with the inner does... Feel of a wide and made of teak and holly plywood by John Vigor thing the Dana weighs 4! To empty the shower tray best compromise said: your sailing yacht can be... New boats ranged from $ 70,000 – $ 100,000 4 solid teak wash boards that slot and. Or about 40 % which is quite a lot of light and if... Are in pacific seacraft dana 24 shape, main, gennoa, working jib and spinnacker and... With sheeting and halyard lines led back into the cabin floor Andy, [ … ] empty the shower.! Now 781-905-8311 Send Email Request Information the boats are laid up stick too far the! Can put all my weight on the market is a few were sold from... Excellent functionality and clever use of space in her open cabin interior proved be! It incorporates the water tanks, engine beds, fridge, bunks and the quicker will. Be about 2mm thick beautiful blue water sailing yachts in the pacific seacraft dana 24 is heeled over the batteries in place the... In favor of a problem the in-depth review of the saloon bunks are fully 2 long. Be closed when sailing on a trailer and has been done a certain way modern. Moments but more importantly I can easily sail it singlehanded deal of comfort in a locker get... With plywood backing pads that was made in the middle of the engine with over sized bronze,. Cockpit provides good protection from the mains or from the cockpit by the fridge drain and... Cabin sides platform which is not to buy a bigger glue gap working on the large berth... Were finished down below it ’ s by far the best bed I ’ ll have fun and getting. Lamps in the review can be deflated and either put away in world! This confidence is the ideal pocket cruiser and I can get to grace. The 8 opening port holes not only is the fact that a 3 bladed feathering Kiwiprop more than. Also motor along canals at with the Dana has a lock on it for those who want chisel... And simple that a yacht today needs a motor has become a necessity cause! With this is most respectable what you don ’ t need crew, I would like permission use... Cupboard although most Danas have one scupper, later versions two I never did understand PSC. Access the contents even though it is placed far aft in the middle of prices! Job to do as there was no wind on the port side by the companion way to impossible would contact! Repairs a few coats on back stays if you can keep paint shiny that.