Make sure your child gets plenty of fiber-rich foods. Make them clean up their own messes. How Can I Get My Toddler To Stop Pooping In His Pants. Usually, this is more hassle than allowing your toddler to wear diapers or pull ups until they are able to control their bowel movements. And humiliating them may even stop the pooping, but it is cruel and will possibly effect the child on a much deeper or even permanent level. Would you punish your child for pooping in their pants? He has no control over it happening and is probably less happy than you are about walking around in a poopy pants. Also, maybe try taking away his favorite privileges until he cleans it up. Don't stop the blame game there. To encourage a child to not wet his pants, create a chart and allow him to pick out some stickers that he likes. Do anything to move your mind on to other thoughts for the time being. I have actually heard of parents who have made their children clean up their own mess. For each day that our son did not poop in his pants, he received a reward. How to stop my Father (69) from pooping himself? If your child has regressed from being toilet trained to soiling himself you know he is capable, so what went wrong? this will often make the situation worse. Worst case, it will help with any issues surtounding his dad. If the child has a physical condition such has encopresis that is causing the accident, they will already feel awful and upset about the accident. If you have any concerns you should speak to your doctor or paediatrician. If they poop their pants. Favourite answer. This process is what is known as seepage. It's not your responsibility now seeing as your son is 40 years old. //